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BLADE TWO. Same DNA. Same striking aesthetic. Same advanced driver technology and unique single apparent source configuration. And above all, the same lush, phenomenally realistic sound.
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KEF BLADE TWO - Uncompromised Innovation

Uncompromised Innovation

Like the original BLADE, BLADE TWO is based on the advanced materials and innovative technologies KEF developed to replicate the shattering performance of the prototype, and the same method of forming the sensuous parabolic cabinets. The drivers on both models share the sophisticated enhancements responsible for the concept's magical acoustics.

It's a spectacularly warm and expansive sound, wherever you sit. Seamless. Totally natural, even when played loud. Effortlessly accurate in every tiny detail, and as emotionally true as a live performance.

If you're into your music, you'll soon see that they years it took to make the dream a reality were well worth it.


With all of BLADE's acoustic prowess and iconic design on a slightly smaller scale, BLADE TWO is easier to position where space is at a premium, and where BLADE's extreme bass extension would be superfluous. BLADE TWO, same DNA. Same striking aesthetic. Same advanced driver technology and unique single apparent source configuration. And above all, the same lush, phenomenally realistic sound.

BLADE and BLADE TWO share a new architecture that achieves the ideal point source, with the four sophisticated bass drivers (225mm/9-in. for BLADE, 165mm/6.5-in. for BLADE TWO) configured so that their combined acoustic centre occupies exactly the same point in space as that of the Uni-Q HF/MF array so the sound appears to emanate from a single, flawlessly coherent source.


Sculptural and acoustically inert, the slender parabolic enclosures are engineered never to interfere with the purity of the output. Inside, you find ingenious new venting, bracing and wave management technologies. Every component operates so comfortably within its performance envelope that you experience noticeably more precise imaging than is possible with conventional speakers.

Just as KEF's philosophy has always been to innovate in pursuit of the most accurate and realistic sound, BLADE speakers are about perfecting a groundbreaking concept to delight people who really love music. Whatever your taste, BLADE and BLADE TWO are what all great design aspires to: being the best they can possibly be.

Kent Engineering and Foundry Editions

Asserting the sophistication of the technology they contain, the stunning BLADE & BLADE TWO cabinets are available in a palette of seductive finishes: Piano Black, Snow White, Warm Metallic Grey, Light Metallic Silver, Racing Red, along with two specially commissioned 'Kent Engineering and Foundry' finishes, which celebrate KEF's unrivalled heritage of continuous innovation for over 50 years.

Frosted Blue, hinting at the blue of the original KEF logo, and Frosted Copper Black - the Kent Engineering and Foundry editions combine the latest BLADE technology with an aesthetic that subtly evokes this rich pedigree.

Given time, we'll also match any colour you want. Like everything else about BLADE and BLADE TWO, it's about getting every last detail absolutely right.

Kent Engineering and Foundry Editions

Additional Information

Design Three-way bass reflex, single apparent source driver configuration
Drive Units Uni-Q driver array:
MF: 125mm (5in.) Li-Mg-Al/ LCP hybrid cone
HF: 25mm (1in.) vented aluminium dome
Bass units:
LF: 4 x 165 (6.5in.) with force cancelling
Frequency Range 34Hz - 45kHz (-6dB) free field
25Hz (-6dB) typical in room bass response
Frequency Response 40Hz - 35kHz (±3dB)
Crossover Frequencies 320Hz, 2.4kHz
Maximum Output 116dB (peak sound pressure level at 1m with pink noise)
Amplifier requirements 50 - 400W
Sensitivity 90dB (2.83V/1m)
Harmonic distortion 2nd & 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m)
<0.5% 40Hz - 100kHz
<0.2% 200Hz - 10kHz
Impedance 4 Ohms (3.2 Ohms min.)
Dimensions 1461 x 338 x 475mm / 57.5 x 13.3 x 18.7 in. (with plinth H x W x D)
Weight 35.3kg (77.8lbs)
Unit measurement Pair
Document Download BLADE Manual
BLADE & BLADE TWO Information Sheet
Remarks * KEF reserves the right, in line with continuing research and development, to amend or change specifications. E&OE.
KEF BLADE TWO - Single apparent source

Single apparent source

Like listening to one voice rather than many, sound from a single source is inherently clearer. Not only are the acoustic centres of the HF and MF drivers in the Blade & Blade Two Uni-Q array coincident, but the four LF drivers, (225mm/9-in. for Blade, or 165mm/6.5-in. for Blade Two) are mounted symmetrically equidistant from it so that their acoustic centres occupy exactly the same point in space.

This single apparent source configuration is what makes the Blade & Blade Two so gratifyingly coherent across the frequency range, with noticeably more precise imaging than is possible from any conventional speaker.

What you hear sounds as if it's being performed live right in front of you.

KEF BLADE TWO - Discrete bass chambers

Discrete bass chambers

The twinned pairs of bass drivers are mounted in discrete chambers separated by an internal partition. By increasing the frequency of any internal standing waves to way beyond the crossover point, this reduces the need for damping material (which can otherwise impair bass quality). Nothing has been overlooked in the quest for the ultimate clarity, right across the frequency range.

Force cancelling

To avoid dissipating the energy of such potent bass drivers in exciting the cabinet (and thereby generating resonance, especially at high volume), the large kinetic forces involved are cancelled out by mounting the LF drivers rigidly together, back-to-back.

By minimising cabinet colouration, this highly effective configuration partly accounts for the Blade & Blade Two's natural-sounding and engagingly musical performance.

Attention to detail

With speakers as ambitious as the Blade & Blade Two, short cuts are out of the question. Everything has to be as right as it can possibly be.

Terminals & terminal links

Two pairs of the finest audiophile quality WBT connectors allow bi-wiring or bi-amping to optimise the retrieval of low level detail in the music.

Low order crossovers

The simple low order crossovers specified for both Blade & Blade Two employ the best components available, carefully selected by a rigorous auditioning process so that every part of the signal path is fine-tuned for maximum clarity.

Hard wiring

The patented screw-in linking plugs are to full audiophile specification (as well as simplifying set-up by eliminating fiddly wiring links). All the crossover components are individually wired by hand rather than mounted on a conventional printed circuit board. As well as being more environment-friendly, this optimises both reliability and sound quality by assuring the cleanest possible signal transmission.

Design and Designers
KEF BLADE TWO - Design and Designers

Design and Designer

The challenge was to design an acoustically efficient enclosure for a sizeable speaker whose driver configuration demanded large capacity at the upper portion, without looking at all bulky.

Initially, our team worked alongside Eric Chan of New York-based ECCO Design to create a distinctive visual identity for a speaker of such towering performance capabilities. As functional as they are beautiful, the resulting cabinets are like works of art in their own right - indeed, their form was inspired by Brancusi’s seminal Modernist masterpiece ‘Bird in Space’. Tapering gracefully from top to bottom and from front to rear, the slim proportions made possible by the orientation of the bass drivers give the Blade & Blade Two a sculptural presence in their own right, with a single continuous keyline describing a taut, seamless curve along the back edge and over the top.

Awards and Reviews

Editor’s Choice

"Once you become used to the sheer scale on offer, you can appreciate that within this enormous presentation, the soundstage is effortlessly detailed and the character of all the instruments at work are distinct but harmoniously presented as a whole."

Year: 2017
Issuing Body: Hi-Fi Choice
Country: United Kingdom
Product: Blade Two

Robb Report 2016 – Best of the Best Award

"…the single apparent source configuration makes the Blade Two so gratifyingly coherent right across the frequency range, with noticeably more precise imaging than is possible from any other speaker. What you hear from the Blade Two is more lively, natural and real."
Download full review

Issuing Body: Robb Report Lifestyle
Product:Blade Two


"The huge soundstage populated by multiple guitars was as impressive as I've ever heard it."

Year: 2015
Issuing Body: Hi-Fi News & Record Review
Country: United Kingdom
Product: Blade Two


"KEF's Blade Two offers superb measured performance that is close to the state of the art" (Visit the for full review of "Joint Loudspeakers of the Year" and "Overall Component of the Year". Download full review)

Year: 2015
Issuing Body: Stereophile Magazine
Country: USA
Product: Blade Two


Year: 2013
Issuing Body:
Country: United Kingdom
Product: Blade


Year: 2012
Issuing Body: Audio
Country: Germany
Product: Blade


"A triumph of form and function, the KEF Blade is a standout loudspeaker in its price class for its superb coherence and ability to reproduce complex audio at all frequency levels without distortion."

Year: 2012
Issuing Body: Robb Report
Country: USA
Product: Blade


Year: 2012
Issuing Body: Stereo Sound
Country: Japan
Product: Blade


Year: 2012
Issuing Body: Hi Fi Review
Country: Hong Kong
Product: Blade


Year: 2012
Issuing Body: EEF Future Manufacturing Awards
Country: United Kingdom
Product: Blade


Year: 2012
Issuing Body: Electronic House
Country: USA
Product: Blade

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