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E301 Floor Stand

Quick Overview

The E Series speaker floor stands are designed to work with the E301 satellite speakers. Enjoy the extreme pleasures of experiencing true hi-fi sound quality from your music and movies with our new E Series home theatre speaker system.
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E301 Speaker Stand

These stands are beautifully designed to integrate with the speaker itself while offering wire management for the user. Simply connect your speaker wire to the base of the stand itself. The stand is designed to send information to the connected speaker via a two-pronged pin system at the top. This saves you the hassle of trying to string speaker wire through the stand tube, or wasting wire length.

E301 Speaker Stand

Additional Information

Dimensions 1028 x 250mm (40.5 x 9.8in.) Satelite speaker not included.
Weight 3.3kg (7.3lbs.) per stand
Unit measurement Pair
Document Download E301 Floorstand Manual

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